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With over 35 years of automotive repair and restoration experience, we now specialize in providing 2012 Fisker Karma High Voltage battery system repair solutions. Let us return your HV battery to its full capability with OEM parts!

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or call: 309-369-2590

We've spent over 30 years engineering unique solutions to challenging restoration projects. In 2020 we expanded our business to specialize in repairing 2012 Fisker Karma batteries. And with access to over $300k in battery parts inventory, we are becoming the #1 Fisker Karma battery parts and repair facility in the world.

You no longer need to replace your entire HV battery pack!

We have an extensive database of OEM technical literature, specialized PRODIS diagnostic computers, tooling, and OEM inventory to diagnose and repair any Fisker Karma charging issue.

In addition, we've worked with A123, Fisker Automotive, Karma Inc, and LiPo battery experts to develop our testing, BenchBalancing(TM) and certification process that exceeds factory specifications.

We replace failed parts, properly balance every module and back it with a 1yr parts warranty*.

We offer multiple solutions: individual parts for those DIY technicians; complete battery packs for your favorite shop to install; or send us your Fisker for a complete repair.

Our flexible repair solutions are designed to meet your needs: from simple contactors and battery modules to complete replacement packs.

Our custom shop remains reasonably priced... All the expertise without the overhead... Please contact our sales department for a free quote.

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We love our Fiskers and if you love yours, welcome to the family! Fisker’s are our passion and keeping yours alive is our goal.

  • Custom Shop

  • Specialized Tooling

  • Proprietary Processes

  • 1yr Limited Parts Warranty*

  • Limited Availability

  • Appointment Required

*All parts are warrantied for a period of 12 months from purchase date (contact us for warranty details). Warranty is voided if tamper seals are broken.

We are based in Tucson, Arizona and can be reached at: or call 309-369-2590.

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Dan at Drambo Motors is simply outstanding! Based in Phoenix Arizona, we highly encourage you to reach out to them for any Fisker maintenance or repair!

Pat's Garage is the best California Fisker repair shop. We highly recommend Pat and the Team, they can diagnose and repair any FK issue!

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  • 4Q2022: What a busy Year! We helped over 50 new customers this year, providing parts, service and technical support. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and thank you for allowing us to serve you!

  • January 2022: After a fantastic holiday break, we are back at it! Several complete packs in process and we are booked thru February. Contact us for a quote or a question... Have a save and prosperous 2022!

  • 4Q2021: GREAT NEWS! We just purchased the last remaining Fisker OEM battery pack inventory from Karma! These are NOS (New Old Stock) and many of them in factory dated crates 2018-2020. These packs came from their final California inventory as they discontinued servicing 2012 Fisker and 2018 Karma Revero batteries 2Q2021. Our extensive inventory includes certified HV packs, certified individual modules and a multitude of battery parts. Contact us below for a quote.

  • 3Q2021: We recently completed another HV Fisker Karma Battery Pack repair. This included reconditioning 14 Fisker Karma Battery modules and replacing 1 module. In addition, we replaced all 3 contactors, including the dreaded #5! The cells inside each of the 15 Fisker Battery modules were bench balanced, software flashed to the MBBs and a new OBCM was included in this rebuild. The battery fuel gauge reads just like new at 50 miles of battery power!

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"Your battery diagnostics reports saved us thousands in repairs, Thank You!" (Michael, Iowa)

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"Thanks for the module, it worked perfect! We are happy to see you purchased the Karma battery inventory and technical info!" (Karma Automotive Dealer, North America)

Battery Pack Replacement

"Jim was able to get my Karma back on the road after the local dealer said they could not provide support. He was knowledgeable and went over all the various options. I eventually had him replace the battery pack and update the software. Professional and prompt." (Steve S, Houston, TX)